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 “Higher U has changed my and my organization’s life. Because of Higher U we have 20K new subscribers (in 4 months), excellent open rates, are developing awesome partnerships, and are doing significantly better on every other level. Jen and Amanda have worked absolute magic, only it’s not magic, it’s very real.

– Elizabeth Novogratz, Species Unite

New York

Elizabeth Novogratz
Genevieve Anderson

 “So many of the courses out there (and I have checked out many) focus on it being “really easy” and overnight wealth generators from building a digital funnel, when, in fact, it’s a process not unlike building the foundation for your home.
There are many steps, and it’s important to have an understanding of each of them, as well as guidance from teachers who have done it, made mistakes, and ultimately grown successful businesses from them. What I appreciate most about this program is the personal accountability Jen and Amanda take for their students’ success. They actually care, and demonstrate that caring through action. Also, the community of social entrepreneurs they have gathered is awesome!!! I’m so grateful for it, and for all I have learned, and continue to learn, from Higher U.”

– Genevieve Anderson, WUNZ Apparel in Action



“Amanda and Jen are masters at movement building”

– Lynne Twist, The Soul of Money Institute

“MYM has the best experience working with these two really incredibly talented women. The program is extremely practical to pave your way to success. I can say of all the offerings available to make a true difference in the world, this program has been incredible. Jen and Amanda are authentic real personable and powerful women and get it done on the spot!!! I have loved every part of the experience!!!

– Mary Rockwood Lane, The Nurses Guild


Mary Rockwood Lane, The Nurses Guild
Ardith Bowman, Ph.D., Becoming You After 60

 “Through MYM with Amanda and Jen, my business development coalesced into a complete package in record time. Realizing I represented a movement that can make a difference brought me deepened purpose and focus. In the end, I had a business with a new name, positioning and system to launch. 

Ardith Bowman, Ph.D., Becoming You After 60


“I went from being a business owner that sells real estate investment courses to becoming a movement builder, inspiring women to claim their financial sovereignty through passive income. Honestly, I would have paid 5x this amount. I can’t believe the value you all provide.

– Monick Halm, Founder, Real Estate Investor Goddesses



HigherU brings fun and expert collaboration to the process of building your movement and making it happen! We’ve not only dialed in my message, my model, and my marketing, but also I’ve connected with like-minded and like-hearted individuals who are now my support team and even best of friends.”

– Andres Rivera Hurtado, Frecuencia de Abundancia

Puerto Rico

“The investment I made on the program has already come back into my life many times over, and I’m only half way through! More than just a “marketing course”, these women are TOP NOTCH! Between the weekly live workshops (with the other classmates) and the “paint by numbers” videos within the course itself, I have been able to streamline and therefore amplify my potential and purpose. Getting clarity on the vision and then having the right team to help take it to the next level has been integral to my next steps within success.”

– Keresy Pearl, Taboos Uncovered



“ I feel like I was in an incubator. I was able to develop a solid brand and marketing assets without any experience in either. Happy to say, it’s already working. I recently signed the former CEO of Overstock.com, Stormy Simon, because I had the confidence that only comes from the roll-up-my-sleeves experiences from this crazy comprehensive creation program.”

– Christine Jelinek, Campaign.ly


Just want to say thank you so so much for engaging us as your comrades. I’ve participated in other marketing classes and business schools in the past, but I never felt fully understood, which of course only sent my project backwards. But, you two are so tuned into our core and give us such amazing advice and resources. So happy.”

– Sheena Koyama



“I am learning marketing principles with a rigor and depth that make me want to keep learning, instead of piece-mealing online trainings that make me feel like I need to take a shower. HigherU is the real deal – you not only learn, but you also co-create your marketing assets with Jen + Amanda, and they are super committed to ensuring you launch your new digital marketing funnel and build that almighty email subscriber list.”

– Liz Kimball, The Kimball Collective


“HigherU’s Market Your Movement program is so comprehensive and really one of a kind…it’s helped make all the difference in building awareness, excitement (and donations) for our cause.”

~ Barbara Savage, Tribal Trust Foundation



“HigherU’s training coaxed me out beyond my comfort zone, leading to a huge breakthrough in how I position my music and offer my services. Now it has a much wider magnetism, and my community has expanded by leaps and bounds.”

~ David Newman, Musician


“HigherU’s training coaxed me out beyond my comfort zone, leading to a huge breakthrough in how I position my music. Now it has a much wider magnetism, and my community has expanded by leaps and bounds.”
~ David Newman, Musician

“Your hands-on coaching regarding our communications, particularly, is amazing. Thanks to your expertise and the MYM curriculum we have correspondence that elicits personal responses from our subscribers… an exceptional and unexpected gift. Even more surprising: we are now looking at our business in a way that is expansive and creative, and it’s yielding results. Best money we’ve ever spent on marketing, and truly you’re so much more.”

– Marie Krane, Tomato Bliss


Marie Krane

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-Monica Halm Founder:Real Estate Investment Goddess

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– Liz Kimball The Kimball Collective Illinois

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– David Newman Musician

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