Every single one of us has a calling. It tugs at your heart or gets lodged in your chest.

Your calling is the seed of your movement.

So… what’s stopping you from ACTING on your calling? What’s holding you back from really standing up and going for it?

Legendary activist and soul coach Rha Goddess has identified three reasons why you may be staying quiet when what you really want to do is to do something.

She’s the CEO of Move the Crowd and author of The Calling: 3 Fundamental Shifts to Stay True, Get Paid, and Do Good.

Rha knows what’s standing between you and YOUR movement.

Reason #1:

We all question ourselves!

You can break through this if you know why.

Rha asks what is it you’ve been told about success, and about your ability to lead that feels daunting?

Reason #2:

We ask, “Can I be a movement builder AND make money?”

We question whether it’s okay to build a movement and earn a living, or take it up a level and strive for wealth.

Abraham Lincoln is credited for saying,

“You can’t help the poor by being one of them”

Reason #3:

Lastly you might be wondering, “How do I know if my movement will have the social change impact that I want to see happen in my lifetime?” We all need to know that if we take on a cause – which is hard work – that what we do will really matter.

During this global reset, so much of the normal frenetic runaround is on pause. Rha calls this “a pause for the cause.

We’ve allowed so many atrocities to happen on our watch, and we thought we were further along than we really were.

It’s a day of reckoning.

We’ve been cracked open.

Yet, that’s where the light gets in.

This is the moment for your light, this the moment for your movement.

Seriously y’all, do not miss this interview. Watch it NOW!

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Ready to turn your
passion into a real business?

Come, hatch with us.



Ready to turn your
passion into a real business?

Come, hatch with us.