Want to work with 
master “Movement Marketers”  
to launch your small-dollar donation funnel?

We Can Give You The Playbook

Market Your Movement™ is a high-touch training program that equips you with today’s best marketing methods in order to build a loyal, passionate small-dollar donation platform. It’s part art, part science. Over 3 months, you get to collaborate weekly with Jen Boulden (art) + Amanda Steinberg (science) to position your brand for maximum resonance and build an evergreen digital movement marketing funnel. Your fellow colleagues are leaders of non-profits united by entrepreneurial spirits and a thirst for change. 

By graduation, you will launch an automated marketing funnel that puts you on a path to 5,000 mission-aligned email subscribers. You’ll want to shout your vision from the rooftops because you’re ready to handle the snowball growth that follows. 

If you are a ...

  • Nonprofit executive or founder
  •  Nonprofit digital comms or fundraising lead
  • Political campaigner

and feeling stuck because you're ...

  • Turned off by aggressive marketing tactics
  • Unsure of what to say or how to say it
  • Disappointed by previous marketing consultants / courses
  • Tired of “throwing spaghetti against the wall” to see what sticks

… then HigherU’s Market Your Movement program will transform you into a confident and powerful marketer for change in just 12 weeks of coaching and curriculum.

"Amanda and Jen are masters at movement building” - Lynne Twist, The Soul of Money Institute

A Radically Different Training

Don’t waste time + money on training led by people who’ve never done what you want to do.

We’ve been there, done that (got the t-shirt!), and are now sharing our experience with the next generation of movement builders seeking reach, relevance, and revenue.

Imagine how you will feel when you ...

  • You have an evergreen automated marketing funnel to bring in small-dollar donors consistently. 
  • Have the confidence that you are focusing on the right things to build your business and avoid costly mistakes
  • Have an inimitable brand people recognize and admire, and the digital marketing prowess to get noticed
  • Have a new network of like-minded colleagues who will lift you up and take you higher
  • Have a brilliantly positioned landing page and lead magnet that will attract values-aligned email subscribers


Meet the Experts

In 2009, Jen Boulden sold Ideal Bite, her “green living” media company which she grew to 900,000 subscribers just as Amanda Steinberg was launching DailyWorth, a financial media company to empower women. Amanda cold-called Jen to ask her to be her mentor and give her the playbook for similar success.

Despite Jen’s best attempts to ignore Amanda, soon enough Jen became Amanda’s business coach and equity-holding advisor. DailyWorth grew to 1,200,000 subscribers.

Jen and Amanda now share 20-years experience building businesses, political campaigns, digital platforms, email lists, and progressive movements that have touched millions — and they’re here to teach you to do the same.

Market Your Movement™ Includes

Real-time coaching and feedback on one weekly Live Workshops for the duration of the program (12 weeks).

Twice-weekly short video lessons, corresponding to activities and actions that take you from concept to launch.

Amazing opportunity to build your network with mission-aligned movers and shakers.

Templates and trained resources to ensure your successful in creating the pitch-perfect strategy, brand messaging, landing page, and lead magnet.

Bonus: 6 Amplify Modules

Join by October 8th and get 6 FREE modules to amplify your new marketing assets through paid and organic media. 
Specifically, you’ll get: 
  • A magic growth calculator (see image on right) to discover the right level of ad spend for you. 
  • A detailed launch planner across social media channels, email, and more.
  • A rich understanding of how to protect yourself from useless ad spends and put your money where it matters most.
  • Keys to success and tech know-how for launching Facebook ads. 
  • Our organic growth methodology to bring in free subscribers. 

Key Dates and Live Workshop Times

  • This program begins with a live Orientation on Wednesday, October 20th at 1pm ET / 10am PT. 
  • The program runs for 3 months through your year-end campaign and wraps on January 14th, 2022.
  • 2 weekly Live Workshops are offered on Wednesdays from 1pm ET / 10am PT and 2pm ET / 11am PT. (1 hour each)
  • Applications are required to ensure we’re the right match and so that we may limit our class size to 10.
  • Your tuition includes hands-on copy editing, lead magnet technology set up, and landing page design support.

Enrollment Tuition

or 3 monthly payments of $1,450

The Program




Building Blocks


Hours of work
per week


Hour Live Workshop per week


Learn big things in bite-sized videos that give you the key elements of creating a powerful brand message and evergreen marketing funnel. Then really own this knew knowledge by putting it to immediate use . . . 


Build your brand + marketing funnel with our interactive worksheets + activities that sequentially take you through complex work, but made easy with our small assignments.


Workshop your weekly assignments with us + your peers and get feedback during weekly live coaching sessions. (Note: this time with us is very personalized, and a key reason people love our program.)


This is the key you need to GROW, and what so many others either don’t have or get wrong. With the power of our expertise and resources, you’ll now have THE digital destination for everyone you meet that positions your business (or nonprofit) in the most appealing way. . 

“HigherU’s Market Your Movement program is so comprehensive and really one of a kind…it’s helped make all the difference in building awareness, excitement, and donations for our cause.”

– Barbara Savage, Tribal Trust Foundation

The Curriculum

There are 2 main phases of the program: CONCEPT and BUILD
Together they create a unique path for movement makers and visionaries to create monumental impact and income.


We begin by helping you quantify and qualify your movement niche. You will develop language that leverages existing movements, and also helps you carve out a unique slice of one that you own. You’ll emerge from this phase with an inimitable brand that is positioned to fly higher.


After laying the foundation of a purpose-driven brand, you’re now ready to roll up your sleeves. We give you inside track to develop an automated marketing funnel that reinforces your unique position AND attracts email subscribers for the least amount of time and money.

I. Why Now
Discover the power of tying your mission to the Zeitgeist — what matters to people NOW.

II. Why You
Craft a story that succinctly explains why you are the leader for your movement in a way that builds trust and credibility.

III. Your Ocean
You’re not starting a movement, you’re tapping into an Ocean of shared belief. Identify it, articulate it, learn about it.

IV. Your Swell
Ocean currents cause swells that create waves. Movements follow a similar energy pattern. Understand it to harness power already present in our culture.

V. Your Wave + Your Venture
To build a successful movement, you’re enabling people to join together by giving them something to catch: Your wave.
Why YOUR wave? And what business or non-profit or political campaign are you building to hook this Wave?

VI. Choir vs Curious
Chances are, you’re messaging is directed to your Choir. To grow, you need to speak to your Curious.

VII. Competitive Analysis + SWOT
Investigate your competition to understand what makes you unique. Determine what strengths and opportunities you should focus on developing so that you’re not going head to head with an existing competitor.

VIII. Your TED Talk
Write a thought-leadership speech that positions you as the leader of your unique movement in a way that adds serious depth and substance to your movement.

IX. Your Unique Value Proposition
Bring together your Ocean, your Wave, your social venture (business, non-profit) and unique origin story to craft the perfect Unique Value Proposition.

X. Your Movement Magnet Concept 
Bring together your TED Talk and UVP to create a digital marketing asset that attracts your Wave and galvanizes your movement. 

XI. Automated Funnel Design
Internet 1.0 was all about “push” marketing. Today, successful marketing incorporates automation funnels. Learn how to design a movement-aligned marketing funnel that you can use for years to come.

XII. Movement Magnet, Content
Design the perfect lead magnet for your funnel – a digital gift or content experience that’s a perfect expression of your UVP and mission. “Sign up for my newsletter” no longer works, you have to deliver real value through a digital asset as an incentive.

XIII. Movement Magnet, Lean Concept
Is your Movement Magnet best served as a guide, Webinar, survey or template? Simple is often better!

IV. Landing Page
When you launch your funnel, you will bring in a lot of traffic. Learn the art and science of turning 30% or more of your new visitors into subscribers for your Movement Magnet.

XV. Why Email
Email is the most important digital channel in movement platform building.

XVI + XVII. Email – Nuture and Sales Sequences
Someone signed up! Now what? Design a series of email sequences to deliver more movement-aligned service, introduce yourself, and for a select few, invite them to purchase or donate when it’s time.

XIX. Launch Plan
When you launch your Movement Magnet, you could try to do EVERYTHING we’ve taught you, but most likely you’d feel overwhelmed, demoralized and frustrated. So instead, we show you a tiered process to launch in a simple way, fix what didn’t go according to plan, and launch again with more channels.

You’re ready for your soapbox now and share your work with the world. Perfect your 3-minute Stump Speech to really amplify your movement and magnetize your base.

The Result: A Movement That Moves

Unlike many other business and marketing programs out there, Market Your Movement™ is designed specifically with impact entrepreneurs in mind. If you won’t be satisfied with anything less driving real change, and making real progress with building a values-aligned email list that continually fuels your growth, this could be the program for you. Our new 2021 program includes done-for-you services in all the key areas needed for meteoric success, like brand positioning for the passionate audience, copywriting your core offering, building your landing page and lead magnet, email sequence design for engendering trust and high open rates, and finally, setting up your ad platform.

Curious if we’d be a good fit?  Apply today, and then if you are, you’ll have a chance to speak to one of the founders to ask any additional questions.

Key Dates and Live Workshop Times

  • This program begins with a live Orientation on Wednesday, October 20th at 1pm ET / 10am PT. 
  • The program runs for 3 months through your year-end campaign and wraps on January 14th, 2022.
  • 2 weekly Live Workshops are offered on Wednesdays from 1pm ET / 10am PT and 2pm ET / 11am PT. (1 hour each)
  • Applications are required to ensure we’re the right match and so that we may limit our class size to 10 non-profits.
  • Your tuition includes hands-on copy editing, lead magnet technology set up, and landing page design support.

Enrollment Tuition

or 3 monthly payments of $1,450

What People Are Saying

“Your hands-on coaching regarding our communications, particularly, is amazing. Thanks to your expertise and the MYM curriculum we have correspondence that elicits personal responses from our subscribers… an exceptional and unexpected gift. Even more surprising: we are now looking at our business in a way that is expansive and creative, and it’s yielding results. Best money we’ve ever spent on marketing, and truly you’re so much more.”

– Marie Krane, Tomato Bliss

Marie Krane

“I went from being a business owner that sells real estate investment courses to becoming a movement builder, inspiring women to claim their financial sovereignty through passive income. Honestly, I would have paid 5x this amount. I can’t believe the value you all provide.”

– Monick Halm, Founder, Real Estate Investor Goddesses

“HigherU’s training course guided me out beyond my comfort zone, leading to a huge breakthrough in how I position my audience, my income and my impact. It’s transformed my career.”

– David Newman, Musician

“I love the uniqueness and effectiveness of this training program. It’s giving me wings AND actionable tools to help my passion project take flight….Love your mantra of impact first, income second. It’s working!!!!”

– Dayana Frecuencia Corazon, Dayana.io

“I want to reach 1M women to train them to use their voice as a force of good. I knew that I needed strategic help, that I couldn’t just will it to happen. This program was the Genie in a Bottle for me. I built the model and strategic plan for scale. I can’t thank you enough for this course. Anybody reading this now, you gotta take it. There’s nothing else like it.”

– Kim Kuhteubl, Voice Lessons Podcast

“I am a fisherwoman with a commitment to sustainable fishing practices, environmental protections and the advancement of gender equity. Before joining “Market Your Movement” I didn’t know how to connect these values. After, I realized that the movements that fuel my personal passions can cross over into my business and unleash new creative energy for both. Freeing myself from segmenting my life into facets has deepened my connection with customers and allowed me to more effectively champion the causes I believe in. Now I’m catching fish and fellowship awards (Tory Burch Foundation) and I’ve been selected as Alaska’s U.S. Women’s Ambassador, to amplify the voices of women and push for measurable change. I’ve got a chartable course and am empowered by the skillset I learned at MYM

– Sarah E, Copper River Fish Market

“My partner Alex and I took a leap of faith in joining Market Your Movement before we rebranded or went to market with our product, but we’re SO GLAD we did. Combining Amanda + Jen’s wisdom and the feedback from our classmates, we’re now off and running with a clear path to market to create a very needed service to empower parents of young children with special health needs.”

– Sehreen Noor Ali, Sleuth

“The #1 thing I learned from MYM was to believe in myself more. I recently signed the former CEO of Overstock.com, Stormy Simon, as a client basically as a cold-pitch. She’s running for Utah’s D21. I would never have had the confidence to cold pitch anyone, let alone someone who has a national following, without the experience Jen and Amanda provided.”

– Christine Jelinek, Campaign.ly

“I live in Puerto Rico and felt confusion around “how” to share my message in an effective way with millions in the global Spanish speaking community. I am so lucky to meet Jen and Amanda and because I joined their program. They bring fun and individual care to the process of building your movement and making it happen! I’ve not only dialed in my message, my model, and my marketing, but I’ve connected with like-minded and like-hearted individuals who are now my support team and even best of friends.”

– Andres Rivera Hurtado, Frecuencia de Abundancia

“When Covid hit, our travel business halted, and we were rapidly trying to figure out how to create a business out of our online community. What I learned from HigherU is now the LIFELINE of our business — we are thriving again in digital form, and our future success now hinges on the growth and cultivation of our email list.”

– Beth Santos, Wanderful

“The Market Your Movement program helped me pinpoint the value my organization provides, and refine our digital marketing strategy to support it. I also met a wonderful, like-minded non-profit leader to collaborate with for a large grant, and we recently WON! I’m grateful for the collaborative environment that Jen + Amanda created and fostered, and highly recommend the Market Your Movement program.”

– Mendy Marsh, VOICE Amplified

Frequently Asked Questions

If you lead or manage a social venture (e.g. mission-driven business, progressive non-profit, political campaign) and are ready to scale your digital audience to increase impact and income, we’re the ones to show you how. If you’re just getting started and don’t yet have a clear revenue model, we may or may not be right for you.

Market Your Movement™ is designed to help both emerging and existing organizations that are purpose-driven. However please note: our program is usually more successful for organizations that have a business model / clear service or product offering. If you do not, you’re still welcome to sign up, just be aware that this is a business marketing program, not a business modeling program.

No. Instruction is delivered via pre-recorded videos in the Member Hub, and coaching sessions are recorded. There’s no “required” attendance, however all of our most successful students attend 1 Live Workshop per week. 

You will receive your onboarding Welcome email as soon as you enroll – including Member Hub registration, scheduling details, and access to curriculums. After completing a few assignments, you will begin attending weekly Live Workshops. The program runs for 3 months. 

Students report that they spend between 2 – 4 hours a week when following the recommendations for activities, small cohort meetings and live coaching.  

Yes! We offer multiple weekly Live Workshops and they’re super energizing (and you learn a ton). Jen + Amanda happily apply their expertise to help you work through any areas you’re stuck or want feedback.

If you have the budget and/or prefer to delegate, some students invest in: graphic designer, web developer, copywriter, and/or paid advertising. Others want to implement hands on to learn before outsourcing, and some enjoy DIY. It all depends on your budget, your existing skills / team, and how much you want to take on yourself.

Yes! We offer our program at no risk to you. You must complete 90% of the required assignments so that we know that you’ve done the work. If you’re still unsatisfied, we’ll refund you in full.

You are granted access to our MemberHub and all the videos and class directory (with Fellow Movement Builders) for 12 months. You may keep all of your worksheets, templates and work products that are generated from our proprietary tools – forever and ever.

Prior to quarantine, Amanda flew in from Philly to visit Jen in Santa Barbara farm country, and while there she developed an obsession with a neighbor’s alpaca. Jen promised Amanda that when HigherU hit a certain revenue goal she’d buy Amanda an alpaca to keep at her farm, and they’d throw a party . . . and every good party needs a disco ball. Make sense? (Don’t answer that.)