Generating lead magnet ideas that are unique and custom to your business or movement is part art, and part science. Let’s de-mystify the process.

We know you’re like us, and want to bring your passions and unique offering to the forefront to make the world better . . . like now.

But how can you do so – quickly and inexpensively?

The days of “sign up for my newsletter” are gone, and people are very distracted, plus they expect a lot more these days if they are going to give you their personal email address. Yet you MUST have an email list if you’d like to build an effective movement (that generates impact and income).

So to help you launch or further your work, we are gifting you a secret weapon.

Below you’ll find a quick training video on how to concept a powerful lead magnet that will help build your email list, and build awareness for your movement. We are also gifting you a downloadable checklist, which if you follow to the letter, you’re almost guaranteed success.

You see, your work is purpose-led, mission-driven and original, so your lead magnet must be as well. (It certainly can’t be ill-conceived, off-brand, or gimmicky.)

When done right, the stars align . . . and we want this for you, we want this for the world.

Finally, visit the link below to get started with your lead magnet ideas and refining them to amplify your purpose.

Get the Lead Magnet Checklist

Watch video + download the Magical Movement Magnet Checklist

We hope you derive value from these free gifts from us, and we hope it helps launch your mission HIGHER.

Likewise, if we can help out further, post your questions or comments in the FB forum …

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Ready to turn your
passion into a real business?

Come, hatch with us.



Ready to turn your
passion into a real business?

Come, hatch with us.