We love this virtuous circle of movement making. This is where we get to connect all the good dots, introducing our students to YOU, and celebrate their accomplishments with marketing their movement.

Below is an interview with David Newman, Kirtan Chant Artist who had all of his scheduled summer concerts cancelled in 24 hours, but took this opportunity to re-emerge stronger, with a little bit of our help. 

David, what was your biggest struggle before your experience with HigherU?
The clarity to know how I could expand my work to a larger audience in a more universal way, and to do so online.*

What was the thing that surprised you the most about the Market Your Movement training program?
Before I began, I didn’t know what a lead magnet was. After we created it (Chant Curious), I was surprised at both how much people appreciated it and how quickly it grew my mailing list. In just a few months, I doubled my email list!

Any unexpected opportunities for income or impact that this has generated?

The new way of thinking about things, and the amazing tools I received were crucial to pivot my work from live to online as a result of Covid. I have been able to maintain my income as a result. Without the lead magnet and indispensable guidance and support I received, I would be in a significantly more challenging position, considering all the recent changes. 

Yes, speaking of the changes, what, if anything, are you doing with regards to the #BlackLivesMatter movement?  
Because I now have an email list filled with people that also want to help heal themselves and the world through mantras, chants, and song, I can more easily and effectively communicate with them. Here’s a snippet of what I sent out the other day that they seemed to appreciate as a tool to focus on unity…“May the dangerous ignorance of racism be dismantled and eradicated. The color of our skin should never, in any way, affect the love and respect that we show toward each other. This must happen for us to evolve.” I then shared my song Love Belongs to Everyone… because now is the perfect time for us to make that ideal a reality.  (Also, we’ll be putting money where our mouth is by giving all proceeds from our next song release to the Equal Justice Initiative.)

What else would you like to share that might make this an interesting read for our fellow movement builders?
Aside from the economic benefit I received by upping my “movement marketing game,” the process of working with you all was illuminating, and ushered me into an evolution of my work that I had been seeking for a long time. You paved the way for this new chapter of mine, and how my team and I will be able to most effectively contribute to creating positive change — either in person or now digitally.



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Instagram – @davidnewmanmusic
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Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/davidnewman108

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