Figuring out how to grow your business or movement means learning where things have gone stale. Are you speaking to the people who already “get it”, or are you bringing new people into the fold?

We all do it. We remain inside our comfort zones by “preaching to the choir.” It’s a human tendency.

And it’s understandable – who doesn’t want to feel seen and understood? Like when you have an argument with your partner or parent – and you call the friend that you know will take your side.

BUT IF YOU WANT TO GROW as a person, you’d call the person that gives it to you straight. When you’re thinking of how to grow your business, you need to expose it to people outside your early adopter personas.

The same goes for growing a movement: you need to preach beyond the choir, and reach the curious.

In order to build movements capable of affecting real change, you need to alter your presentation and your messaging so that you speak to the not-already-converted.

It’s not easy. You have to be brave and assume some level of discomfort to engage large groups of people that don’t yet believe what you believe, but would be open to it.

In our Market Your Movement™ training program, we help you modify your message so that it resonates with millions of people, not inside of an echo chamber of the ‘righteous few.’ We at HigherU have a meta movement for a more humane, just, sustainable world by helping you amp up your movement, and preach BEYOND. That’s how growth happens.

Traditional marketing is about hitting the narrow center to increase sales. Movement marketing is about widening the rungs to increase impact. When you position your movement to captivate the Curious, not just the Choir, your impact and income grows.

Wanna practice? Speak to someone about your movement outside your choir today.

Then, email us and tell us how it went, and/or share your experience in our community of 5,000 other movement builders on our Facebook group.

Here’s to a braver, Higher US.

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Ready to turn your
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Ready to turn your
passion into a real business?

Come, hatch with us.