How full is your Passion Tank? (New Series!)

👉  This is the first of seven “fuel tanks” needed for being a successful impact entrepreneur.  

Recently, after over a year of running this business virtually, we created space for some deeper thinking. We pondered why some of our student entrepreneurs rose to the top, and put about 20+ qualities on the table, ultimately ending with 7.

We left our computers and horsed around on Jen’s farm, literally and figuratively.

(Amanda + Jen in Santa Barbara early July)

NOTE: Out of the 150 Movement Marketers we’ve worked with in our advanced program, the ones that went off to instant success ALL had these 7 “tanks filled” that we analyzed over our week together.

Introducing the first “tank”   that needs to be full:

PASSION – the intensity of emotion you feel toward a specific social problem or cause, and your level of commitment to seeing it through.

Think about it: if Erin Brockovich wasn’t so impassioned by seeing communities contract diseases due to the water they were drinking, she wouldn’t have been successful in what was a long, hard road of “fighting the good fight.”

Not that you need to go up against a big water utility company; however, impact entrepreneurs not only need vision, but also a DEEP, BURNING passion to get them through all the obstacles that inevitably come up along the journey of starting a business, growing a movement.

Personally Speaking . . .

  • When HigherU cofounder Jen speaks at conferences for entrepreneurs, she leads with this idea by saying, “If you don’t feel like your head is on fire and you’re running toward a well, I will not be offended if you leave.”
  • When HigherU cofounder Amanda went through 9 years of raising money for DailyWorth and building her email list to over 1 million subscribers, there were many times that most founders would have thrown in the towel. Nevertheless, her vision for change and huge passion-filled tank saw her through to sell it to a women-led financial media company.

So, our dear compadres and change makers, are you ready for the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship, and is your tank filled with enough passion to get you through the valleys to reach the peak, while still inspiring others to join you on your mission?

Here’s a quick test of your PASSION tank:

When you wake up in the morning, your first thoughts are:

A.  Where’s my coffee?
B.  Ugh I have so much to do today….

C.  I can’t wait to get at it!

If you answered C… game on.

Now, if you didn’t answer “C!” – that doesn’t mean give up on your dreams.

It just means you need to check in with your passion level, your commitment to seeing a vision through, and if you sense your tank is low, ponder why that might be.

For example, are you just beginning your educational journey on a specific topic? Then read more about it, and seek out and connect with experts in the field.

{Sidebar: Jen remembers going to so many “green business conferences” and sitting in the front row always to hear Paul Hawken speak. After one presentation, he motioned her over to say hello since he started to recognize her. That was a key moment in her life, and 20 years later Paul is still one of her most influential mentors.}

What can you do this week that will give you more fuel for your passion tank?

📘 Read ________.

🔌 Connect with _______.

Remember, the best time to plant a tree is 50 years ago.
But the next best time is now.

Here’s to growing your idea Higher. 🌳

~ Jen and Amanda

PS:  If you’re feeling well-versed in and super inspired by a topic matter, and want to do SOMETHING, but don’t know where to start . . .

We’re here for that.

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Ready to turn your
passion into a real business?

Come, hatch with us.



Ready to turn your
passion into a real business?

Come, hatch with us.