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There are always a million things you COULD do, but we show you what you SHOULD do.

You need to get your core offer and first sale before marketing.
(You’re a smartypants.)

HigherU’s new Hatchery Program will give you just what you need to ensure the market wants what you’re offering before you go whole hog.

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In 4 weeks, you will discover how to ...

  • Design and build a single product or service that’s ready for market
  • Make sure that the market you sell to wants YOUR product more than what your competition sells
  • Plan how you will generate profit with expert guidance from Amanda + Jen, seasoned entrepreneurs who’ve built multiple $1 million+ revenue businesses
  • Follow a roadmap to laser focus on what’s important while side-stepping the landmines that typically tank young companies   

... and then imagine how you will feel when you have :




A web page that’s primed to SELL with an offer that resonates with the right people.

A crystal clear understanding of your market and and the best messaging you need to reach them.

The confidence that comes from proving in the marketplace that people want what you sell, and the excitement that comes from bringing your idea to life.

Hatchery is unbelievable. There are SO MANY ‘start a business’ programs and coaches out there. This one gives you THE experts and their amazing tools that they themselves used to start their highly successful business that also had social impact. I got my startup off the ground in record time thanks to Hatchery. Thank you so much Jen and Amanda for helping us entrepreneurs take flight.” 

– Sumi Krishnan, Poptivism

The Program

HigherU Hatchery™ Includes

8 Modules comprised of video lessons, assignments, and knowledge assessments.

Templates that guide you step-by-step through the key exercises that entrepreneurs often skip, and then pay the consequences.

Professional services to help you write, design, and build a high-conversion sales page. 

Access to our Private Group where Jen + Amanda and hundreds of graduates provide support and feedback.

Amazing opportunities to build your network with other passion-preneurs who want to make the world better.

Meet Your Guides

Hi, we're Amanda + Jen. Our mission is to launch yours.

In 2009, Jen Boulden sold Ideal Bite, her “green living” media company which she grew to 900,000 subscribers just as Amanda Steinberg was launching DailyWorth, a financial media company to empower women. Amanda cold-called Jen to ask her to be her mentor and give her the playbook for similar success.

Despite Jen’s best attempts to ignore Amanda, soon enough Jen became Amanda’s business coach and equity-holding advisor. DailyWorth grew to 1,200,000 subscribers.

Jen and Amanda now share 20-years experience building businesses, political campaigns, digital platforms, email lists, and progressive movements that have touched millions — and they’re here to teach you to do the same.

The Curriculum

HigherU’s Hatchery program has 8 modules that together create a super solid foundation for taking flight.

MODULE 1: Prime Your Pump

Your success in launching a new venture requires 7 specific mindset traits. We help you identify your strengths while guarding against your weaknesses.

MODULE 2: Your Core Product Offer

The big problem you solve, and how you solve it in a unique and special way. It represents what makes YOU special. It will generate most or all of your revenue before you diversify with new offers.

MODULE 3: Competitive Landscape

Understand who your customers will buy from if not you. Understand what you can do differently or more effectively to make sure you stand out from your competition.

MODULE 4: Audience + Market Size

We start with your core supporters, your "choir" because you can easily preach to them. Then we expand out to the "curious" to ensure you're casting a wide enough net.

MODULE 5: Brand Basics

Create the core pillars of your brand (a good name, logo, value proposition, etc). Write your “brand brief,” , a 1 pager that will guide all of the marketing assets you create to go to market.

MODULE 6: Your Digital Platform

Got your domain name? Website host? WordPress or Wix (or another CMS)? We cover the technology you need in order to go live with your Core Offer sales page.

MODULE 7: Your Sales Page

Build a 1-page website or new page on your existing website to sell your Core Offer. If you need help hosting / designing / building, we provide you with a HigherU list of approved contractors, available at affordable rates.

MODULE 8: Market Validation

This is EVERYTHING. Figure out if you have product-market fit, i.e. will people want to pay for your offer? If not, why not? Draw up a list of key insights that result from doing this market research, and then adjust your offer to make it resonate.

Demi Dee

“I have an MBA, but your Hatchery templates and tutorials gave me insight into which business model fits MY business and which KPIs to track – now all at my fingertips. Plus it’s already saving me thousands of dollars by avoiding costly mistakes I would have made without it.” 

– Demi Dee, The Knockout Room

Learn + Discuss

We teach you each of the 8 modules to fellow Hatchery members through highly interactive platform including videos, templates, tools, and discussions. All curriculum and discussions are held in our “Member Hub,” an easy-to-use portal containing all program materials and support. 

Each module includes lessons, Q+A discussion threads, examples, videos, templates, and knowledge assessments. We don’t just tell you how to launch a product that sells, we make sure you’re also learning the process behind it that makes it work. 



After learning why you’ll do an activity, and seeing them done by fellow Hatchlings, you’ll then get guidance on how to successfully complete each activity. We’ve worked hard to make what would be complex, simple and powerful.

Launch + Begin Selling

If you do the work, you’ll be ready to spread your wings and take flight. If you’d like to continue with HigherU’s trainings, we offer an invite-only marketing program that will really catapult your growth. 

Listen to Mary Rockwood Lane of the Nurses Guild explain why this is the training that changed it all.

The Difference:

HigherU’s Hatchery™ program sets you up to go to market with confidence by building a Minimum Viable Product with a strong brand message and business model to support it. 

We’ve road tested our program to ensure it works for many different types of ventures – from services business, to non-profit founders to podcasters.

Lastly, you get Jen + Amanda thinking about your venture and answering your questions directly in Member Hub. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re just getting started and want to see if your idea is valid, this is THE program for you. We keep you focused on building just what you need for your ideal customer. It includes market testing and a sales page, because they say you aren’t in business until you make your first sale!

Yes – this is essentially a business modeling program, with our secret sauce layered in to ensure you’re putting the essential thought and work into the places that matter most. We created this program to help the many entrepreneurs just like you figure out how to bring your gifts to the world, and make money. 

You can get started right away! You’ll receive your onboarding Welcome email as soon as you enroll – which has your Member Hub registration and links to your set of worksheets.

Not a problem. We recommend that you do this in one month’s time, and as such we give you two email prompts per week to keep you on track. However, you are granted access to our MemberHub and all the videos and instruction for a lifetime. You may keep all of your worksheets, templates and work products that are generated from our proprietary tools – forever and ever. 

Students report that they spend between 2 – 5 hours a week when following the recommendations for activities, practice pod meetings and receiving some bonus live coaching from Jen + Amanda.  

Yes! Jen + Amanda happily apply their expertise to help you work through any areas you’re stuck or want feedback. You can do it LIVE with them once a week in Live Workshops or in the Member Hub discussions.

If you have the budget and/or prefer to delegate, some students invest in: graphic designer, web developer, copywriter, and/or paid advertising. And we have HigherU-approved freelancers for you to easily use, at our pre-negotiated special rates. Others want to implement hands on to learn before outsourcing.

Being an entrepreneur is hard (yet oh-so-rewarding), and so we’ve poured our best tools and advice into this program, and are offering it a discounted rate to make this an easy decision. Why? We believe in the power of entrepreneurs to bring about the change this world needs (down with business as usual!).  We promise if you try, we’ll do everything in our power to make this one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. 

Prior to quarantine, Amanda flew in from Philly to visit Jen in Santa Barbara farm country, and while there she developed an obsession with a neighbor’s alpaca. Jen promised Amanda that when HigherU hit a certain revenue goal she’d buy Amanda an alpaca to keep at her farm (update: which she did!), and they’d throw a party . . . and every good party needs a disco ball.  Duh. 

We celebrate! If you’d like to stay with us on Hatchery Live Workshops, we offer a monthly membership so that you can extend as long as you need to. If you’d like to build out your entire marketing system, you’re now qualified participate in our very small group, hands-on Market Your Movement 12-week live coaching and marketing asset building program – that will help you fully leverage the power of movement marketing

Make sure to lock in your spot now to get this year's pricing for the January '22 program.