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Meet Beth Novogratz, founder of Species Unite
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Today is Giving Tuesday, a new tradition and collective way to redeem ourselves after unabashed eating and shopping during Thanksgiving.

We hope you’ll think about a handful of non-profits to donate to if you are able. Most charities are heavily dependent on the money they raise in December to operate all year long.

We at HigherU see this as an opportunity to shine a light on 2 of our student’s non-profits with you. They’re doing some phenomenal work, and have shape-shifted their messaging and growth tactics throughout our time together:

Amanda’s Pick:

Organize Tennessee. Wait! Before you breeze past this because you don’t live in Tennessee, know this: this small but mighty non-profit embodies the most important grass-root movements of our time, because OT trains people at the polls in the South East to ensure every person gets to vote.

Jen’s Pick:

Species Unite. If you love animals but aren’t ready to go vegan whole hog (ha yes pun intended), check out this resource to transition off of animal-based products and food. They have an award-winning podcast, their fingers on the pulse on the future of food, and a founder with a vegan boot collection that will make even the leather-lovers swoon.

We now interrupt your Giving Tuesday with a special look behind the curtain at how non-profits grow, and an opportunity to support great movements by giving 2 emerging leaders your feedback!

Just because you have a good cause or a business idea with social impact doesn’t mean that people will join your movement. That’s why we coach you on how to tell your story in a way that will resonate with the masses.

We present to you 2 leaders’ personal stories and then leave feedback in the comments section.

Meet Renee Parker, the vivacious Executive Director of Organize Tennessee, and hear how her personal encounter with overt racial discrimination and abuse drives her work for the first time publicly.

Meet Elizabeth Novogratz, the intellectual, animal-loving founder of Species Unite, and hear why caring for a dog in Thailand convinced her to give up her first love, cheese.

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Ready to turn your
passion into a real business?

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Ready to turn your
passion into a real business?

Come, hatch with us.