We’re curious, have you heard the term “growth hacking?” Lots of movements today thrive by creating a unique growth hacking marketing plan.

Just like all ‘hacks’ — it means spending less energy and getting the same or better results. But this time it relates to digital marketing. 

We, the founders of HigherU, became experts at growth hacking to grow our purpose-led startups because we had to. With social missions at our core and not a ton of cash, no one believed we could generate both a profit and have an impact. (Glad we proved them wrong!) 

So, the SINGULAR focus of growth hacking, is well, GROWTH. It uses analytics with rapid-fire tweaks to optimize ads and visits to exponentially grow an email list and/or customer base.

It’s the reason we see some organizations achieve absolutely ridiculous growth rates, and on the flip side, probably the reason there are 100x more that we never heard of — because they didn’t employ this concept. 

You don’t need to become a growth-hacker to be a movement builder, but leveraging the high-level concepts could give you, and your movement, a real competitive edge. 

Brainstorming Your Growth Hacking Marketing Plan

On our podcast we delve more into our experience in growing a mission-driven digital business, and explain how we utilized growth-hacking concepts so that you too can build your movement in the quickest, most efficient way possible. (That’s our goal, help you bring your movement to the masses!) 

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Afterwards, cruise over to the Facebook Forum and let us know what you think. We’re giving one lucky commenter a free laser consulting session with us, plus it’s fun to connect with your fellow movement makers. If you’ve not experienced our awesome community yet… you’ve got a lot to look forward to!  

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