CASE STUDY: Nicole Lewis-Keeber Coaching

Throughout our program, we put a lot of emphasis on getting your movement messaging right. What’s yours? 

Trauma affects us all, and limits our human potential. Nicole Lewis-Keeber MSW LCSW is a highly-credentialed and sought-after Master Business Therapist & Mindset Coach who helps entrepreneurs break free of the hidden impacts of seemingly insignificant childhood experiences – resulting in better decision-making, less stress, and reaching new emotional and financial heights.With her one-on-one sessions and through her masterclass series, Nicole guides her clients on a journey through her signature process, ultimately co-creating a personal “Emotional Sustainability” plan. After working with Nicole, clients report feeling capable of handling the emotional rollercoaster of entrepreneurship with grace and ease, and confident that past patterns and limiting beliefs are no longer holding them back from reaching their full potential.

HigherU: What was your primary challenge or problem you had before joining MYM?

Not having a framework that was unique enough to support my message. My business/message is also a movement to disrupt the way entrepreneurs handle past traumas, and it needed special consideration that traditional marketing lacked.

How was the problem affecting you?

I was not as visible as I would have liked, and I did not have marketing assets or a plan to gain the right email subscribers that reflected my message and the business community I wanted to build.

What part of MYM was most appealing?

I trusted Amanda and Jen because I saw evidence that they were trailblazers in their own business ventures and that they were not afraid to disrupt norms.

Before discovering HigherU, what other solutions had you considered?

Every program I had looked at left me feeling like they could not support ME. They were too cookie cutter. 

What would have happened if you had not joined MYM?

I would not have a community of like-minded movement makers, I would not have my messaging and a clear understanding of the #’s needed to market myself to build my business, and I would not have my Trauma & Entrepreneurship Assessment lead magnet and landing page.

What “wins” did you enjoy as a result of MYM?

I am bringing in new members in a cost effective way! Plus I have secured speaking opportunities because of it, and have enrolled new clients into my Do No Harm intensive.

Have you been able to track any measurable benefits?

I can track 3 news clients, and 4 speaking opportunities because of my movement magnet. That may not seem like much to many but of the 300 people who have downloaded my assessment, 3 signed up to work with me and 4 invited me to speak. Those are some great percentages, and I’m just getting going!! 

Ready to turn your
passion into a real business?

Come, hatch with us.



Ready to turn your
passion into a real business?

Come, hatch with us.