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Our students often ask for us to give them more of our stories from the trenches around certain topics… so we thought it would be fun to bring them to you too! But be forewarned: We don’t sugarcoat. We want you STRONG for fighting the good fight of achieving impact – and not just profit – with your endeavors.

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🔥 Fireside Chats🔥 Grokking your conversion metrics

Amanda was over-the-moon excited to share her new “revenue stream” idea with me for her business, DailyWorth. While my main love is brand-building, I cut my teeth in corporate digital marketing at IBM . . . so I knew some things about business planning. I nicely (okay maybe not super nicely 🤣) explained to Amanda that the idea wouldn’t work.

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Does your Voice Match Your Mission

Does Your Voice Match Your Mission?

People who admire nature can relate, that in some ways, we always want to be part of it.

And of course, you realize how everything is connected and is but natural, that you want to sustain its beauty and protect it in all possible ways.

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