How I Built a Social Movement for Women and Money

At six months pregnant, I waddled onto Amtrak to attend a “women and money” workshop in New York City.

One month prior, my million dollar web agency resulted in a personal $60,000 tax bill.

Crushed by the pressure of entrepreneurship + baby-rearing sent me running to this workshop.

I left stunned and confused. Yes, I’d made some dumb decisions about money — like thinking that my income would magically outpace my spending. Blame nature or nurture, women are socially conditioned to disassociate from money.

To release control of money is to be feminine and lovable, all the while trading personal agency for a false sense of security.

Now further impassioned by this revelation, I made it my mission to get the message out to all women: money management is not a gender-derived skill.

To say otherwise means to perpetuate the false socially dominant belief systems that oppress women.

On January 14th, 2009, I went into labor as I was launching an online media business called DailyWorth, designed to awaken and educate women about money.

Laboring with contractions, laptop open in my hospital gown, the nurse approached me…

“Ma’am, are you ready for your epidural?”

“Not yet. I have to send this email (to 400 subscribers). It’s really important.”

That was the moment for my movement.

Building Real Wealth

My 10 years building DailyWorth was rich: I got to witness one million women (subscribers) transition from living in “money comas” awaken and step into their own financial prowess.

I also got to spend a day with Oprah!

The agony was hell: venture capitalists prior to #MeToo manipulated me beyond your darkest imagination. Or maybe you can imagine. 

Here’s a bright memory … following a Forbes article featuring me and DailyWorth, a financial advisor named Richard Rosso called and asked to meet me. Over lunch, he said, “Following my parent’s divorce when I was 11, my mother depended on men to take care of her. I believe if DailyWorth had existed, maybe she wouldn’t have attempted suicide twice and died so young. Here’s a $50,000 investment in your company in honor of my mother.” 

Jen and I have lived the agony and ecstasy of building social movements. Now, we’re dedicated to showing you how to do what we did, while steering you clear of landmines that we can spot because we stepped in them.

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Are you a “Movement Builder?”

As social change movement leaders, we know that our oppressive and antiquated systems are broken, and that at some point, there would be a reckoning.

We are heartbroken by the injustice and suffering… this week, last week, and forever.

These systems that need to be overhauled? We’re not going to fix centuries of oppression overnight. However, if we don’t take this opportunity for creating new solutions out of the discord, shame on us.

In essence, fellow movement makers, this is our time.

Most people are good, but the systems are rotten … which is why people are searching for organized groups to join so that they can BE part of the solution. This is the time where most people are opening up to new thoughts, new ideas, and self reflections.

Social Change Movement Building Podcast

If you’re feeling an extra level of BURN to spark your movement, our podcast on “movement building” could be useful to you.

Press play and listen here.

We’re going to answer your questions like:

  • What makes you qualified to call yourself a movement builder?
  • Is movement building easier now than it was 10 years ago?
  • To become a movement builder, do you need an inherent ability to lead?
  • What is the difference between marketing vs. movement marketing?
  • When is it not only okay but recommended to call bull shit?

Thank you for you for being here in this community. Know you’re in a supportive environment, and we don’t expect you to get it perfect, in the same way you don’t expect that from us.

We honor all large or small changes you’re making to help replace the broken, oppressive systems with ones that are equitable, regenerative, and deeply respectful of all life on our messy, beautiful planet.

Here’s to our power in numbers to fight the good fight.

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Join our group of movement builders rising to meet the moment of this “global reset” ✨⬇️✨