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Hello, we’re Jen + Amanda, co-founders of HigherU.

We have both enjoyed huge success in “doing well by doing good” and now our mission is give you the keys to living in alignment with your values.

The first step is to find out if you have what it takes to even consider launching a social impact business. 

And if you get the green light – CONGRATS, because we have never before been in a better position to change the world through the power of impact business.


AMANDA SAYS:  “I’m passionate about social change and being an impact entrepreneur allows me to combine how I spend my life energy.”

JEN SAYS:  “My happiest moments in life are when I can see the world shifting for the better, in even small ways, because of my contribution – and WHILE I make money doing it!”


Just a bit more about us if you're curious...

In 2005, Jen Boulden founded IdealBite, an environmental media company which she scaled to 900,000 subscribers and sold to Disney for $20M.

In 2009, Amanda Steinberg founded DailyWorth, a startup focused on elevating women’s role in our economy.

Amanda hired Jen as her coach to learn a similar blueprint for success. It worked! Amanda grew DailyWorth to 1.2 million subscribers, and sold to HerMoney Media in 2017. Both IdealBite and DailyWorth were—at their core—movements that grew by growing their email lists.

Word on the Street...


“Amanda and Jen are masters at movement building”

– Lynne Twist, The Soul of Money Institute

“I went from being a business owner that sells real estate investment courses to becoming a movement builder, inspiring women to claim their financial sovereignty through passive income. I can’t believe the value you all provide.

– Monick Halm, Founder, Real Estate Investor Goddesses